Car Repair in Fond Du Lac, WI

Extreme weather conditions in and around Fond du Lac, WI wreak havoc on vehicles. At Tim’s Alignment & Auto Service, we understand how inclement weather patterns and poor road conditions combine to create hazards that threaten the safety of your car and its passengers. For nearly four decades, we’ve helped Wisconsin drivers get back on the road when their cars, trucks or SUVs have sustained damage, need routine maintenance or require car repair.

As a full-service automotive repair shop, we provide the front-end services your vehicle requires, from oil changes to engine work. Drivers in our community rely on us for routine maintenance and unforeseen repairs for all of their vehicles. We’re equipped to diagnose and fix any issues that might arise.



When a person feels unwell, they visit a doctor. When a vehicle fails to perform correctly, you want to make an appointment for diagnostics at our repair shop. Our team analyzes the OBD diagnostics test results to pinpoint the problems slowing down your vehicle.


Auto Repair

As a full-service car repair shop, we can handle any problem you drive or tow on to our lot. We’re prepared to diagnose and repair issues with your suspension, engine, transmission, tires, exhaust, electrical and any other parts or systems that keep your car, truck or SUV running.

Car Engine

Front-End Work

There’s a lot of moving parts beneath the hood of your car. We specialize in maintaining front-end components and repairing anything that might break or wear down over time. From alignments to surging issues and anything else affecting the handling of your vehicle, we’re here to help.


Maintenance Services

From an oil change to a tire alignment, we provide complete auto maintenance services whenever you’re due for them. This ensures your vehicle remains safe to drive while allowing us to spot any small issues that could develop into costly repairs.



We sell both new and used tires and provide any service you might need from them, such as rotating or alignment. Tires are a year-round concern in Fond du Lac, WI, so don’t wait until there are problems with yours to have them checked!

Get Signature Service

Are you performing routine maintenance? Has your car’s fuel mileage decreased recently? It’s time to make an appointment at Tim’s Alignment & Auto Service. Give us a call now at 920-923-1808.

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